Healthcare Impact Stories


Healthcare Impact Stories

History Made at Hadassah Hospital

Weekly Story: History Made at Hadassah Hospital On February 9th, a team of Israeli surgeons completed a successful operation on a 5-month old fetus in the efforts to lessen the infant's spinal damage post-partum. Read more and see an incredible video!

Hadassah Hospital- Aly’s Story

Weekly Story: Hadassah Hospital- Aly's Story At Hadassah Hospital, a patient named Aly has begun sharing her personal story via the Hadassah Blog. Her series is called "Being a Patient at Hadassah." Continue reading to find out how Hadassah Hospital has impacted her life.

Hadassah Hospital- Ayala’s Story

Weekly Story: Hadassah Hospital- Ayala's Story Seven month- old Ayala went to the synagogue with her family for the holidays, when tragedy struck. While Ayala's mother, Chavi, was holding her, she managed to slip from her arms and hit her head. With the help of Hadassah Hospital Ayala's life was saved.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Weekly Story: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Through our affiliations with Assaf Harofeh Medical Center and Hadassah Hospital, we support critical research, patient treatment, and facilities to make a difference in thousands of women's lives as well as the lives of their families.

Hadassah Hospital Helping Russian Children with Rare Disease

Weekly Story: Hadassah Hospital Helping Russian Children with Rare Disease Most recently, Hadassah Hospital’s Paediatric Hematology Department undertook treating children from Northern Russia who have a rare and fatal disease called Marble Bone Disease, commonly known as Osteopetrosis.

The Circle of Life

Weekly Story: The Circle of Life CHW is proud to support Assaf Harofeh and the remarkable work it does. The widow of a man who was killed in a recent terror attack gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center this week, and expressed her gratitude for the exceptional care that she received throughout her pregnancy, and during delivery.

Hadassah Saving Victims of Terror

Weekly Story: Hadassah Saving Victims of Terror It was only a few short days ago that a bomb went off on a bus in Jerusalem, sending 21 people to the hospital. Of the 21 people injured in the attack, 8 were rushed to Hadassah Hospital, where they received the best medical care possible to save their lives.

Hadassah Hospital Never Gives Up

Weekly Story: Hadassah Hospital Never Gives Up Baby Vassilios, a newborn from Cyprus, was born with a serious heart defect that left doctors believing he would not survive. This is when the medical team at Hadassah Hospital was brought onto the case.

Giving Back

Weekly Story: Giving Back Rabbi Eitan Muelme was one of the victims of the massacre carried out last year during Morning Prayer at a synagogue in Jerusalem. Eitan was...

Hadassah Course Reduces Burnout Among Nurses

Weekly Story: Nurse Burnout The Hadassah Medical Center has found that meaningful improvements in the mental and physical well-being of its nurses can be achieved...

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