A four-month old baby girl had her eyesight saved at Hadassah Hospital!


A four-month old baby was suffering from congenital Ptosis, a condition that causes the upper eyelids to droop over the eyes, which, untreated, can cause severe vision, head, and neck problems.

Dr. Irene Anteby, Head of Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric Ophthalmology Unit, recognized the baby’s severe condition and immediately sent her for surgery with Dr. Liat Attas-Fox, Oculoplastic surgeon. Dr. Attas-Fox shared, “Her eyes were nearly completely closed bilaterally, making this case an emergency.”

Following the surgery, the physicians can already see an improvement in the baby girl’s quality of life as she is more active and aware of her surroundings. Her parents are so thankful to Hadassah Hospital for changing their baby girl’s life!

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