Donor Spotlights


Donor Spotlights

Legacy Circle Profile

Susan Abramowitz

Susan talks about her connection to CHW, the impact of philanthropy on her personal life, and why there’s no better time than now to leave a legacy gift.


Fran Belzberg

Fran Belzberg is a long time CHW supporter that currently lives in Vancouver, BC. Her journey with CHW began in 1950, when she moved to Edmonton, AB as a new bride.


Renna Bassal

Renna Bassal reflects on her reasons for supporting CHW, her involvement with the community and positions she has held at Chapter and National level.


Marla Dan

Marla Dan encourages those considering leaving a legacy gift to CHW’s projects by reflecting on the lasting impact of CHW projects.


Ann Davis Secter

Ann Davis Secter reflects on her long history with CHW and focuses on the satisfaction gained from being a CHW Sustainer.

Woman of valour

Kayla Shoctor

Kayla Shoctor recalls her numerous visits to Israel to see her family, and the impact CHW support has made on Israeli society.


Sharon & Abe Flower

Sharon and Abe Flower reflect on their own personal journey, and were inspired to become Legacy Donors to help immigrants to Israel who previously had no future.


Stephanie Caplan

Stephanie Caplan highlights her personal journey and commitment to Tikkun Olam, the responsibility to do our part for the world. 


Gina Grant

Gina Grant connected with CHW after leaving the UK, she recalls finding her feet in Canada and the role played by CHW.  She highlights the value in joining CHW Legacy Circle.


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