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Hadassim Children and Youth Village

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CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village

CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village was established in 1947 by CHW, to provide a home to orphaned children following World War II. Over the years, CHW Hadassim has grown and evolved into a safe haven for children in need. Today, there are over 1,700 students at CHW Hadassim, with more than 300 children living in dormitories and family units. CHW Hadassim provides emotional, academic, social, and behavioural support for these children, providing them with shelter, food, clothing, and access to social workers, counselors, and therapists. With each passing year, more and more children, the future citizens of the State of Israel, need the life-saving services at CHW Hadassim.

Many children living at CHW Hadassim come from families unable to protect and care for them, having experienced emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. It is the hope that by living in a vibrant environment, such as CHW Hadassim, these children will feel at home and excel in their studies.

Na’aleh Program

CHW Hadassim is also home to the Na’aleh Program, an opportunity for youth from across Europe to continue their education in a safe environment. The Na’aleh Program has become increasingly important due to the rise of anti-semitism, causing many European teenagers to seek out safety and security.

CHW Hadassim gives teenagers freedom. Freedom to learn. Freedom to live. Freedom to be Jewish. CHW Hadassim gives teenagers a home again.



Lea Zev Shilman & Joseph Zunia Shilman Therapeutic Programs

Each week the LEA ZEV SHILMAN & JOSEPH ZUNIA SHILMAN THERAPEUTIC PROGRAMS at CHW Hadassim receives referrals from the Child Welfare Authority.  While some of the children continue to live at home during treatment, other children are placed in CHW Hadassim’s Family Units and Dormitories because their home environments are unsafe and unstable.  A parent’s involvement inevitably decreases when their child is staying in the dorms, so this program was created to ensures children stay in contact with their parents through specialized therapy sessions and family excursions, while also receiving the emotional, social, and educational support they need to thrive.  This program was previously known as the Healing Broken Families program.

Read more about the newly renamed Lea Zev Shilman & Joseph Zunia Shilman Therapeutic Programs at CHW Hadassim in a recent edition of ORAH magazine:

The Music Program

The Music Program at CHW Hadassim was created to provide youth with a wide range of opportunities for them to develop their musical talents in a warm and supportive environment. Seventy-five students (with an annual average of 20 new students annually) participate in the various music enrichment classes offered in the boarding school. Hof Sela, the Music Coordinator, is responsible for developing and supervising the music program, which includes musical bands and choirs, singing/vocal instruction, piano, guitar, violin, Bayan (Russian Accordion), and drums. Roei Zoaretz, a musician and a musical producer who graduated from Julliard, coordinates the school choir. He assists the students in reaching their full singing potential.

Read more about graduate and music teacher Yonatan Doron in a recent issue of ORAH magazine:

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