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Netanya Technological High School

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CHW Netanya Technological High School

CHW Netanya Technological High School offers a second chance to at-risk youth who have fallen through the cracks of traditional educational frameworks. The school offers hands-on vocational training in several tracks, including Hair and Beauty and Hospitality. The flagship Patisserie Program provides students with the emotional support and professional skills to succeed in Israel’s vibrant culinary industry. 

CHW Netanya has received prestigious awards from the Ministry of Education for ranking among the top five schools within the region, for overall outstanding performance. The remarkable achievements were based on the school’s success in reducing the drop-out rate of students, increasing opportunities for students with special needs, and increasing the number of students graduating with full Matriculation Exams.

Since the pandemic, the school has focused on supporting youth mental health by offering specialized training to help identify with youth experiencing heightened stress and mental health issues. A variety of new programs were initiated to help students better cope, including Animal Therapy and Movement Therapy sessions held at the CHW upgraded gym.


The Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts Program includes the Patisserie Program, Cooking, and the brand new specialty Ice Cream Track.

Click here to read an article from ORAH magazine about Adi Avital, CHW Netanya graduate and co-founders of ANITA Group and Golda ice cream chain.

Under the leadership of professional pastry chef, Eyal Levy, who heads the flagship Patisserie Program, students are given the emotional support, professional skills, and practical tools needed to succeed in Israel’s exciting culinary industry.

Further assistance is given to students through a donation of Professional Patisserie Kits provided to each student in their final year. The kits, containing a chef uniform and baking accessories, equip students with everything they need to enter the industry.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, the school has become a centre of excellence and a hub for building bridges. The school initiated a unique culinary and cultural exchange program with counterparts from the Arab town of Tira. The shared passion for the art of baking fostered a meaningful dialogue and deeper connection between Jewish and Arab students and staff alike.

The students at CHW Netanya have shared many recipes with us over the years. Please enjoy these recipes by clicking on the below button:

Community Service

Part of the school’s mission is to instill important values, including community service and volunteering. Most weeks and during major holidays, students give back and engage
with the local community. Their baked delicacies are shared locally with children and essential service providers, such as firefighters and ambulance volunteers. Students in the Hair and Beauty Program provide complimentary manicures to senior citizens as well as low-cost haircuts.

Read about the personal success of a CHW Netanya graduate in a recent edition of ORAH magazine:

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