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Franny’s Fund

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Franny's Fund

Franny’s Fund was created to fill gaps for urgent needs like counselling and legal fees for children/youth and their families who are navigating the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system can be extremely lonely and traumatizing to navigate especially if there are not resources available to assist in this difficult process.

You become a participant in the criminal justice system if you have the courage to report crimes of sexual violence or domestic violence. Many instances of abuse do not get reported because of the looming consequences for many in the reporting process. These consequences can include the potential loss of financial support, child care, pet care, and much more. The thought of reporting crimes and the impact that may have on your day-to-day life discourages many from reporting. Many people remain in abusive relationships to avoid these possible consequences.

Reporting domestic violence or sexual abuse is the only way to interrupt these cycles of abuse. Reporting violence is the only way to hold abusers accountable and the only way to either assist these perpetrators with counselling interventions where appropriate or separate these victims from their abusers. Domestic violence, sexual violence, and trauma has profound effects, especially on children. Stopping this violence by reporting it is the only chance these children and victims have at being able to lead happy, safe, and fulfilling lives.

Reporting violence is however just the beginning of the process. If charges are laid then abuse victims have to face an often lengthy court process.

Many local agencies have limited funding to support these participants while engaging in the court process. Often these resources are limited to the named victims and not available to caregivers and siblings who have witnesses this abuse.

Franny’s Fund was created to provide financial resources for urgent needs of these children/youth and families who have had the courage to report and stop this violence. The early intervention of counselling significantly impacts the success of these participants in the future. Being able to provide caregivers with the resources to support themselves and their children through the process helps to minimize significant trauma down the road.

In 2023, Franny’s Fund will be broadening its reach through centres across Canada. To read more about centre specific support, please see the bottom of this page.

Franny’s Fund is supported through the S.O.S – Starting Over Safely Summer Campaign.

Franny's Fund Vancouver

Franny’s Fund Vancouver can be found at The Treehouse Vancouver Child & Youth Advocacy Centre. Working with community partners to fill gaps in effective mental health interventions for children/youth who have experienced trauma is a key organizational goal for The Treehouse. Franny’s Fund Vancouver will allow The Treehouse to customize support on a case-by-case basis and fill the gaps of the unmet needs of children, siblings, and parents on their healing journey. The Treehouse will be able to work towards ensuring that every family who requires support receives what they need and will help each non-offending member of the child’s family, knowing they are critical in the child’s resiliency. Franny’s Fund will help increase parental counselling sessions and provide crucial therapeutic support options for children and siblings. Franny’s Fund Vancouver will also support peer sessions for parents to connect with other people in similar circumstances, and finally, Franny’s Fund will help The Treehouse increase support of community collaborations to develop crucial service partners.

Franny's Fund Calgary

Franny’s Fund originated in Calgary and can be found at both Luna Child and Youth Advocacy Centre and Homefront. Support of Luna provides access to specialized therapeutic interventions and services for children, youth, and families navigating through a history of trauma. Franny’s Fund Calgary supports extended services to siblings and caregivers to ensure the entire family can heal and supports approximately 95 additional counseling sessions. Homefront empowers survivors to break the cycle of violence by providing legal support, counseling, and therapy services. Franny’s Fund Calgary supports empowering events for survivors, trauma-informed counseling for survivors of domestic violence, and helps cover the costs of legal fees associated with domestic violence cases.

Franny's Fund Toronto

Franny’s Fund Toronto can be found at Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre. Franny’s Fund Toronto supports services including court preparations, court support, and court accompaniment to ensure that child and youth victim witnesses are provided every opportunity to receive the support they need as they embarked on one of the most challenging journeys of their lives. Trained social workers work with these children and youth as they enter the criminal justice system from the very beginning – as soon as they walk through the doors. Advocates work with the families to identify immediate needs through needs assessment, work with child protection and police to create a child-friendly, trauma informed therapeutic relationship that will optimize outcomes and begin the healing as soon as they enter. In 2023, Franny’s Fund will support approximately 10-12 cases a month, which can include multiple siblings and caregivers, supporting between 100-120 children or caregivers through this very difficult process.

Franny's Fund Ottawa

Franny’s Fund Ottawa can be found at Counselling and Family Service Ottawa (CFS Ottawa). Franny’s Fund Ottawa will support the Child and Youth Court Witness Program at CFS, supporting young victims, witnesses, and their families through legal proceedings by offering lunches to children and youth who come without food during Court proceedings, helping families pay for transportation or parking when they attend court or court preparation meetings, and it will support approximately 500 additional counselling sessions per year. The support from Franny’s Fund Ottawa will help ease the stress surrounding the Court process to encourage the children and families brave enough to go to Court and hold their abusers accountable. It will also provide counselling and education to help children and families develop coping strategies and find practical solutions for moving forward.

Franny's Fund Montreal

Franny’s Fund Montreal can be found at Marie-Vincent Fondation. Franny’s Fund Montreal supports specialized, cutting-edge treatment for children and families who are victims of sexual violence. Marie-Vincent Fondation is committed to preventing violence, supporting community partners throughout Quebec and staying up to date on best practices and new methods of care to help eliminate sexual violence. With specialized therapists, onsite police services, and medical staff all in one location, Marie-Vincent Fondation supports specialized services for 400+ children with more than 2,300 professionals working through prevention and training programs. Franny’s Fund Montreal will ensure additional needs, such as transportation, counseling, interpreting services, food, and winter clothing, are met for at-risk families during this crucial time.

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