Endowment Funds


Endowment Funds

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are often referred to as the future lifeblood of a non-profit, providing for the long term financial success of CHW. They are also a buffer in times of financial and/or fundraising reversals and will take care of emergencies by helping to assure the continuation of certain important programs that may be difficult to fund from an annual appeal.

Typically, an endowment fund is a receptacle for gifts given in perpetuity. The capital of the endowment remains untouched, and only the income from the fund is used for ongoing programs and services. Usually, the fund is made up of a pool of unrestricted dollars (i.e. general endowments), as well as a number of individually named funds restricted for certain purposes. It is important to note that endowment funds differ from reserve funds, where the principal and the income may be expended by CHW.


Why Endowment Funds are Important

Endowment funds supply a steady and dependable source of income, securing the financial future of CHW projects and programs. An endowment gift keeps on giving, and will continue to provide financial support for years to come.

Endowments are also a great way for you to fulfill your giving wishes. Instead of being used right now on current projects, your gift can be preserved and used long after your passing, to create a lasting testimony and to assure support for the specific CHW projects that are important to you. This is something that can only be accomplished through an endowment fund.


Types of Endowment

There are different types of endowment funds:

  1. Term Endowment: CHW can only access the funds after a period of time set by the donor.
  2. Restricted Endowment: The donor can specify how the funds are used.
  3. Unrestricted Endowment: CHW can choose what to do with the funds.
  4. Quasi-Endowment: CHW’s Board of Directors directs the funds.

Endowment funds are also useful as almost any type of gift can be placed into them. Types of gifts that can be used to create endowments include:

  • Outright gifts of cash or property
  • Bequests
  • Residual interest of a charitable remainder trust
  • Residual interest where the donor retains use of a principal residence or other property
  • Death proceeds of life insurance
  • Cash value of life insurance
  • The gift element of a gift annuity
  • Proceeds received at maturity of a stripped bond
  • Retirement funds designated for the charity


Distinguishing Features of an Endowment Gift

  • Donor has established an irrevocable gift that will provide CHW with a steady income stream beyond their lifetime
  • Donor receives an immediate tax receipt for the amount of the gift
  • CHW has received a gift of capital, which it will protect and place in its investment portfolio
  • The gift will provide an ongoing income stream in perpetuity to be used as directed by the donor


To learn more about Endowment Funds. please contact CHW Chief Executive Officer Lisa Colt-Kotler at [email protected], 416-477-5964 ext. 105 or 1-855-477-5964.

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