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Nahalal Youth Village

CHW Nahalal Youth Village, located on Moshav Nahalal in the Jezreel Valley of Northern Israel, was founded in 1923 as an agricultural school for Eastern European immigrant women.

Currently, CHW Nahalal serves 1,421 students in grades 7 to 12, who live both in the nearby area and in dormitories on campus.

CHW Nahalal Youth Village, located on Moshav Nahalal in the Jezreel Valley of Northern Israel, was founded in 1923 as an agricultural school for Eastern European immigrant women.

Currently, CHW Nahalal serves 1,421 students in grades 7 to 12, who live both in the nearby area and in dormitories on campus.

Once again, CHW Nahalal has been ranked in the top five performing schools in the region and is recognized for its outstanding performance in a number of key areas, including significantly lowering student dropout rates; maintaining a high percentage of graduates who continue on to meaningful army and/or national service; integrating special education students; and a high rate of student eligibility for matriculation exams.

Nahalal Tech and Therapeutic Programs

Many of the youth come from all over Israel to live in the on-campus dormitories, as their families are unable to protect and care for them. Many have experienced emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. Others are new immigrant students who have arrived in Israel without their parent, as part of the Nahalal Tech program.

Student from the Nahalal Tech program continue to make remarkable achievements. Graduates of the program who continue their studies at the Technion University have become role models for students currently in the program and return to help teach classes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The Nahalal Tech program is offered exclusively at CHW Nahalal because of the educational vision, high academic standards, educational support, and facilities on offer.

Students from the nearby area attend school with those in the on-campus dorm program. A state-of-the-art education complex features a library, classrooms, a dairy farm and agricultural facilities.

CHW Nahalal and COVID-19 

Due to the pandemic, new psychosocial initiatives were developed around the Agriculture Track and upgraded CHW facilities, which offered students a much needed routine and a sense of purpose. Students stepped in and provided assistance in maintaining the fields, bees, cows, and horses. Experienced staff, including a therapeutic team, helped to ensure that students continued to feel safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. To ease the levels of stress and anxiety, additional hours of therapeutic programs were available to all students, including therapeutic riding at the horse stables and music sessions at the newly upgraded Music and Arts Centre.

Our Partnership with CHW Nahalal

CHW celebrates a 100+ year partnership with CHW Nahalal Youth Village. Over the years, CHW has contributed to a complete transformation at CHW Nahalal, including the construction of the Marla and Aubrey Dan Auditorium, the Esther Matlow Robotics Lab and a new stadium, as well as furnishing the dormitories, creating a program for autistic children, and many other significant projects and programs.

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Ruth & Fred z"l Cooperstock Dairy Farm: Increasing Milk and Introducing Cheese

Nahalal Dairy Farm

Ruth & Fred z”l Cooperstock Dairy Farm continues to grow and expand as a key educational and therapeutic facility at CHW Nahalal. The facilities and academic program developed over the past few years has led to an increase in students specializing in the Agricultural Track. There are now over 300 children from CHW Nahalal and hundreds more from nearby communities benefiting from the Dairy Farm.

The Dairy has gained a reputation for being a centre for innovation in Israel. Greater collaboration and exposure across different disciplines has expanded to include students studying Biology, Robotics, Computer Science, and Engineering, who learn about the importance of the industry in Israel and across the world.

The Dairy serves as both a therapeutic and educational facility for dozens of at-risk children, including students with learning and behavior challenges. It also offers a new environment for building life-skills and teaching values. Students gain a stronger work ethic and learn to be a dependable part of a team.

Throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, students took on new and important roles related to the daily operations and maintenance of the dairy while external support staff were unable to be on-site. The new responsibilities gave students who were previously not involved in the dairy farm a new sense of purpose. They greatly enjoyed the dynamic new routine and the guidance they received from the Head of the Dairy Farm, Sarit Yuker. Under her leadership, dozens of new youths were introduced to the rewarding activities on offer: from feeding and naming newborn calves to supplying Tnuva with milk they helped produce.

Ruth & Fred z”l Cooperstock Dairy Farm continues to provide an important source of revenue for CHW Nahalal and has been a long-time supplier of milk to Tnuva, Israel’s leading dairy company. Over the past few years, the overall quality and milk production has greatly improved with the modernized facilities. The Dairy now operates to the highest standard and has been awarded the rights to produce and sell more milk! CHW Nahalal’s reputation as a leader and innovator has been strengthened, especially among Tnuva, which picks up milk daily from the Nahalal Dairy.

Project Overview

CHW’s new goal is to increase the economic stability of the youth village by improving conditions in the production of milk in the dairy barn. In celebration of 100 years of the Nahalal Economic Enterprise Project, we will increase milk production by improving the infrastructure and introduce cheesemaking by creating a cheese producing kitchen.

Milk production has taken place at CHW Nahalal for nearly 100 years and has always been an important source of income for the youth village. Thanks to support received from CHW seven years ago, the dairy production area and the cow sheds underwent crucial improvements, contributing to an increase in income in milk sales which rose from 700,000 to 1 million litres annually, with a goal of reaching 1.1 million litres.

Tending to the 150 cows and calves, is an important part of the CHW Nahalal experience, and youth are involved in milk production and care of the cows throughout the day. Working in the cow sheds, youth learn important values and skills for life such as responsibility, diligence, dedication, leadership and the essentials of hands-on work.

To enable milk production to take place in conditions that will support the highest levels of quality and quantity and ensure a steady income, CHW Nahalal needs funding for additional roofs for the cow shed, new milk containers, an improved waste system, upgrades to the infrastructure to prevent muddy conditions in the winter, and better conditions to care for newborn calves. An onsite kitchen where youth can learn how to produce cheese and sell it locally, would add to the overall milk production educational experience.

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