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Alicia Epstein, CHW Montreal Centre President

Dear Friends,

I am writing this message at an unprecedented time in recent history. The Covid-19 quarantine has changed everything about our everyday lives, with far reaching consequences for all of us. At CHW, we are trying to adjust to the new realities. All of our upcoming events and fundraisers have been postponed or cancelled for the foreseeable future, but our commitments have not changed. The students at our schools and daycares, the patients at The Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh) and Hadassah Hospital, and the women who rely on our shelters, are depending on CHW now more than ever.

We are appealing to you, our friends and supporters, to please give generously to the Annual Campaign. With your support, CHW will be able to continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders and persevere in these murky times. You can make your gift online at, return your pledge card by mail, or call CHW Montreal at 514-933-8461. If you have already made your gift for 2020, we appreciate your commitment to CHW.
Thank you to all our valuable CHW Montreal Centre Supporters who make our important work possible.

Stay safe and healthy!

Alicia Epstein
CHW Montreal Centre President

Montreal Centre Fundraising Page

Starting this year, CHW Montreal Centre will have their own online fundraising page to track all centre activity, money raised through fundraisers, individual campaign donations, cards, and other contributions to CHW. Click the button below to see the CHW Montreal Centre fundraising page.

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