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Toby Rubin, CHW Vancouver Cente President

After over 30 years as a member of CHW Vancouver Centre, I am honoured and excited to be the President for the 2022-2024 term. As the country is slowly coming out of nearly three incredibly difficult and isolating years, CHW is ramping up. This coming year there are numerous national and local events designed to bring together like-minded supporters while learning more about what CHW does here and in Israel. In the past few years CHW has expanded from one to three major annual campaigns, allowing donors to choose which campaign best represents their passion. From our annual campaign in the spring, to our S.O.S (Starting Over Safely) campaign in August, to our end of year campaign, CHW provides options on where to direct your donation. Once Chapter driven, now CHW is more about events. This April will be our first (and hopefully annual) “Speed Cooking” where CHW chefs and caterers will teach us how to make some of their favorite dishes. In May, the national “Fashion Blooms” event will be geared specifically to the under 40s crowd with our newest and youngest Chapter, CHW Vancouver Bvlgari Chapter, taking the helm locally. Finally, on Sunday, June 4, CHW will roll out the “CHW National Garage Sale,” a twist on Bazaar and an opportunity to get Centres together. There truly is something for everyone at CHW. Please take the time to read our website and visit information on our various projects.  If you have any questions, feel free to connect any time.

Vancouver Centre Fundraising Page

Starting this year, CHW Vancouver Centre will have their own online fundraising page to track all centre activity, money raised through fundraisers, individual campaign donations, cards, and other contributions to CHW. Click the button below to see the CHW Vancouver Centre fundraising page.

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