CHW National Treasurer

Marcia Glick

Thank you for your tremendous generosity and support of CHW (Canadian Hadassah-WIZO) this past year. Your investment provides support to the children, women, and families who benefit directly from CHW projects.

As CHW National Treasurer, I am pleased to present the Annual Donor Report, which reflects the dedicated efforts of the CHW Budget and Finance Committee and the CHW senior management team. We are proud that CHW’s allocations in support of education, healthcare, and social services totalled $2,439,462 for the fiscal year.

The administration remains focused on ensuring best practices within the organization to continue good financial health. Thus, the cost of fundraising is reviewed regularly, and care is taken to ensure that the organization remains below the threshold. With constant monitoring we can see that all fundraising respects this objective, and current management is diligent in applying these goals.

On behalf of CHW, I thank all of you, our supporters, and invite you to remain invested in CHW as we continue to deliver much needed services to help children, improve healthcare, and support women.

Annual Donor Report 2022-2023

Click below to view the entire Financial Statement for the year ending June 30, 2023.

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