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Stephanie Caplan, CHW Toronto Centre President

CHW Toronto Centre is the largest of the active centres in the country and has more than 20 vibrant fundraising Chapters. CHW Toronto Centre is a recognized leader in promoting CHW’s mission to empower women and children by supporting education, healthcare, and social services across Israel and Canada.

Throughout the year numerous successful CHW fundraising and educational events mark the Toronto social calendar, including CHW Toronto Tzedakah Chapter’s premiere event, At Our Table, that sells out within hours of launching every year. Machar Chapter’s Art Day and Tamid Chapter’s Art Auction are also highlights of our calendar. Whether our events are on a large-scale or more intimate in size, the funds raised allow us to support such vital projects as the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit at Hadassah Hospital and The Institute of Pulmonary Functions and Diseases at Shamir Medical Center. Additionally, CHW Toronto’s three seasonal campaigns, including the S.O.S Summer Campaign in support of victims of domestic violence and the End of Year Campaign in support of education initiatives, continue to grow year over year.

Closer to home, CHW Toronto supports the Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Centre, Canadian Young Judaea and Franny’s Fund, a fund for victims of domestic abuse.

And while fundraising is at the core of what we do, the time commitment and talents of our volunteers are paramount to our success. We will continue to find ways to engage our supporters, to educate them on the important work that CHW does and the many opportunities for leadership and engagement on centre committees. This work is vital to the success of our Centre.

If you are interested in supporting CHW or becoming involved in CHW Toronto Centre activities, please contact Jennifer Ierullo, Director, Donor Relations and Volunteer Engagement & Outreach, 416-477-5964 Ext. 112.

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Stephanie Caplan, CHW Toronto Centre President

Toronto Centre Fundraising Pages

Starting in 2021, CHW Toronto Centre and many chapters will have their own online fundraising pages to track all chapter and centre activity, money raised through fundraisers, individual campaign donations, cards, and other contributions to CHW. Click the button below to see the CHW Toronto Centre fundraising page.

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