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Neri Bloomfield School of Design

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Neri Bloomfield School of Design

The Neri Bloomfield School of Design at the University of Haifa’s Faculty of Design in Israel is a world class, cutting edge school that awards academic degrees in a wide variety of creative fields, including architecture, environmental and educational design, fashion design, graphic design, and photography. This institution is developing academic excellence and becoming a major influencer and innovator in the world of design. A highly respected design school of higher learning, it nurtures individual creativity among its student body while instilling a sense of community. With the most advanced technologies and modern, interactive spaces, students are acquiring the specialized skills and design-oriented critical thinking needed to become outstanding leaders and professionals in their respective fields.

The student body of 850 young Israelis, comprised of both Jews and Arabs, are residents of communities in northern and central Israel. There are also 350 students participating in non-academic diploma studies. It also offers excellent academic degrees that prepare students for professional careers as high school teachers.


Modernizing Educational Spaces

At the heart of the campus are new facilities established through CHW’s support, including the Roslyn Joseph Auditorium and the Marilyn Libin and Jed Gaines Fab Lab and Learning Centre.

The CHW Roslyn Joseph Auditorium provides a much-needed gathering space for large lectures, assemblies, and conferences, and seats close to 150 people. Since the pandemic began, the Auditorium has provided the school with additional space to safely continue in-person classes in small capsule groups, in addition to staff meetings.

The Marilyn Libin and Jed Gaines Fab Lab has been a game-changer for students pursing innovative and creative design fields. The Fab Lab offers a cutting-edge and innovative learning environment where students can experiment and design modern solutions for future needs. Highly qualified instructors and industry leaders provide the theoretical and practical skills students need to become leaders in their chosen career path.

The Fab Lab also opened a world of exciting opportunities for students who can now innovate and hone their design thinking and skills with the most advanced technologies. Students have benefited from seeing their design concepts, developed virtually, come to life using 3D software. A special curriculum was developed whereby students from various departments are trained to use all equipment safely and professionally.

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