Six Miscarriages, a Severe Liver Disease, and a Dream


This is the story of how Hadassah Hospital’s team of doctors were dedicated to helping their patient fight her chronic liver disease and fulfill her dream of having a baby!

Oshrat was a mother of two and a full-time newspaper journalist when she began to realize something was not okay with her health. After Oshrat gave birth to her second baby, she started to feel unwell and suffered from pain throughout her body. Oshrat and her husband had been trying to conceive, but they were struggling and had suffered from six miscarriages.

Oshrat turned to Hadassah Hospital’s Liver Unit after being informed that her liver function was abnormal. At Hadassah Hospital, Dr. Rifaat Safadi helped diagnose Oshrat. Following a biopsy, they discovered that Oshrat was in stage two biliary cholangitis, a chronic disease causing the bile ducts in the liver to gradually be damaged.

Oshrat discovered that this disease was causing her miscarriages. With a great deal of support from the hospital and Dr. Safadi, they helped Oshrat to manage this chronic condition. Dr. Safadi understood that Oshrat wanted to have another child and was committed to helping make this a reality.

Oshrat and her husband conceived and with the careful monitoring by the physicians at Hadassah Hospital, they were able to ensure this was a safe pregnancy, though it was a high-risk pregnancy. At week 32, Oshrat was induced and gave birth to a healthy baby boy who she named Afik.

Today Oshrat is the proud mother of three children, including one-year-old Afik! Oshrat shares,”It’s like a family at Hadassah… Dr. Safadi was like an angel, keeping me and my baby alive.” Oshrat has been able to manage and stabilize her liver disease and is now a healthy and happy woman!


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