Social Services Impact Stories


Social Services Impact Stories

Let’s Get Real – Girl Power!

Weekly Story: Let's Get Real – Girl Power! CHW is proud to collaborate with World WIZO to support projects that work to help at-risk teenage girls; one of the leading projects is a program called Otzma Tzeira. Keep reading to find out about the recent graduation ceremony that was held in honor of these remarkable girls!

The United State of Women

Weekly Story: The United State of Women This is a campaign that CHW can get behind; the promotion of women and girls' rights! The United State of Women Summit will be convened at the White House, and marks an important move forward in the advancement of gender equality issues and the empowerment of women This video will get you talking and inspired to get on board, if you aren't already!

How to get a guy in the 1800’s

Weekly Story: How to get a guy in the 1800's Vanity Fair posted a video featuring Actress Kate Beckinsale reading Victorian dating advice. The dating advice you hear illustrates the immense strides that we have made from the 19th century to today. While women today enjoy many more personal and social freedoms, the reality is that they continue to face many barriers in our society.


Weekly Story: #InspirationalWomen Ida does not let her age stop her from doing what she loves, which is running. She is currently the national champion in the 60 meter dash for the age group 95-99. Ida has been a strong and determined woman for her entire life; doing rigorous jobs as a single mother to provide for her children.

Women Are Not Objects

Weekly Story: Women Are Not Objects In 2016, the reality is that women continue to be objectified and valued based on their appearance. This has a direct impact on our culture, society, and the young girls who are the next generation of leaders and our hope for a brighter future.

CHW’s Stand-Out Girls

Weekly Story: CHW’s Stand-Out Girls This article is about one of the brilliant young women from the CHW Nahalal Youth Village who is making her mark in the world of mathematics!

The Reality of Sexism

Weekly Story: The Reality of Sexism This video, brought to us by HuffPost Women, uses a simple approach to address the subtle sexism that women face on a day-to-day basis...

The New Barbie Doll

Weekly Story: Barbie Doll CHW puts a lot of effort into ensuring that young girls are given a healthy and supportive upbringing. At CHW schools and youth villages, young...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Weekly Story: Violence Against Women Yesterday marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. CHW...

It’s A Girl Thing

Weekly Story: It's A Girl Thing Jamie Varon is a freelance writer known for telling it like it is. So when she published her article on the "20 Real Things I Wish Someone Had...

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