Social Services Impact Stories


Social Services Impact Stories

A Powerful Message to Girls

Weekly Story: A Powerful Message to Girls Last week at the MTV VMAs, pop star P!nk shared a moving conversation that she had with her young daughter and her impressions that followed the conversation. P!nk expressed a powerful message that emphasized the critical need to empower girls and young women in our society.

Dalia Loves to Dance

Weekly Story: Dalia Loves to Dance For long days, Dalia cowered in the corner of the room she shared with her mother and brother at a WIZO shelter, her body shaking in fear. Child psychologists at the shelter worked to restore the young girl's fragile confidence, and find happiness.

Tal’s Story

Weekly Story: Tal's Story (Originally Published by World WIZO) For nearly 100 years, CHW supports World WIZO and Shelters for Battered Women; helping to ensure women are protected, advocate for their rights, and instill a sense of hope within women in need. Read more for Tal's story.

Female Empowerment through the Nahalal-Anieres Program

Weekly Story: Female Empowerment through the Nahalal-Anieres Program Through the Nahalal-Anieres Program, barriers for young girls are being broken down. This unique program, which offers an education in engineering, has a 30% female student body, and is increasing annually.

The Diversity of Women

Weekly Story: The Diversity of Women Through capturing women and hearing their stories, the photographer Mihaela Noroc is emphasizing and celebrating diversity. This project broke down barriers and highlighted the importance of women being their authentic selves.

Know Your Lemons

Weekly Story: Know Your Lemons CHW undersands the immense importance of ensuring early detection and treatment of breast cancer. A new campaign, “Know Your Lemons” simplifies breast cancer detection for women, through using a carton of lemons to show the different warning signs.

Providing a Safe Space for Women and Children in Need

Weekly Story: Providing a Safe Space for Women and Children in Need Ranit came to a WIZO shelter in desperate need of refuge. After giving birth to her son, her husband became increasingly verbally abusive. Keep reading to find out how a WIZO shelter helped Ranit get back on her feet.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Weekly Story: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women WIZO has embarked on a campaign in light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and created a powerful video that critically illustrates the steps takes following an act of domestic violence.

Empower Young Women!

Weekly Story: Empower Young Women! After watching this short video, you will quickly realize the importance of promoting women's rights, advocating for the advancement of women, and raising awareness on these pertinent issues!

Israel’s Wonder Women

Weekly Story: Israel's Wonder Women We love seeing things like this; Israeli women being recognized for their outstanding achievements and breaking barriers! Check out a video that pays tribute to all of the wonderful women in Israel, featuring actress Gal Gadot!

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