There are so many inspirational women in the world, yet Ida Keeling may be ‘winning the race’ at the moment. She is 100 years old and going strong!

Ida does not let her age stop her from doing what she loves, which is running. She is currently the national champion in the 60 meter dash for the age group 95-99. Ida has been a strong and determined woman for her entire life; doing rigorous jobs as a single mother to provide for her children.

Ida is a positive role model, and CHW loves her story! Like Ida’s perseverance, CHW supports women who are struggling as single mothers working towards bettering both their lives, and the lives of their children.

CHW is a leader in advocating for women’s rights, and stands for the advancement of women in all aspects of society; aiming our efforts towards helping women living with domestic violence, single mothers, girls-at-risk, and empowering women to become leaders.

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