Let’s Get Real – Girl Power!


CHW is proud to collaborate with World WIZO to positively impact the lives of many children and families. CHW is especially proud to support projects that work to help at-risk teenage girls; one of the leading projects is a program called Otzma Tzeira.

This program aims to help teenage girls find positive outlets to express themselves, discover their unique identity, instill them with confidence, and grow into competent young women who are our future leaders.

As we celebrate the end of another successful year, the Otzma Tzeira held a graduation ceremony to honour the remarkable girls in the program. This ceremony was held at the World WIZO Headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Read more about the ceremony and program here: https://www.wizo.org/wizo-news/news/otzma-tzeira-celebrates-its-annual-graduation-ceremony.html

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