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Education Stories

Coping with Terror in Israel

Weekly Story: Coping with Terror in Israel For nearly one year, Israel has been facing a wave of terror. While we have seen the impact our hospitals, Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah, have had on saving lives of victims of terror; we must also understand how the children in our projects are affected.

More on the CHW Nahalal Graduation

Weekly Story: More on the CHW Nahalal Graduation It was only a few weeks ago that we shared with you our experience at the incredible graduation ceremony at CHW Nahalal Youth Village! Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of World WIZO, has shared her impressions on the ceremony. Keep reading to find out what she had to say!

A Moving Final Assignment

Weekly Story: A Moving Final Assignment We would like for you to meet Noa, a student from CHW Nahalal Youth Village. Noa is a bright and creative young woman who loves art. Noa knows that as the next generation, it is her responsibly to play a critical role in the future of the State of Israel. Keep reading to read more about her moving and inspiring art project.

The National Recognition of CHW’s Female Graduates

Weekly Story: The National Recognition of CHW's Female Graduates To celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Ha’atzmaut, President Rivlin presented 120 soldiers (including two female graduates from CHW Nahalal) with a coveted award to recognize them for outstanding service and exceptional contributions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)!

Celebrating Purim Freely

Weekly Story: Celebrating Purim Freely Students in the French Na'aleh Program at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village celebrated Purim last week. Some had the chance to celebrate freely for the first time in their lives!

CHW Hadassim Exploring Space!

Weekly Story: CHW Hadassim Exploring Space! Students at CHW Hadassim have been reaching for the stars and winning awards, after competing in the Ilan Ramon Space Olympics Competition, hosted by the Weizmann Institute.

Doing Good and Giving Back to the Community

Weekly Story: Doing Good and Giving Back to the Community This article is about students at CHW Netanya Technological High School volunteering their services to senior citizens and giving back to the community!

CHW’s Stand-Out Girls

Weekly Story: CHW’s Stand-Out Girls This article is about one of the brilliant young women from the CHW Nahalal Youth Village who is making her mark in the world of mathematics!

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