The Reality of Sexism


This video, brought to us by HuffPost Women, uses a simple approach to address the subtle sexism that women face on a day-to-day basis.

48 experiences are shared by women aged 4 to 84: judgments that have been made against them that their male counterparts are not subject to.

This video powerfully shows the difference and impact of these kinds of sentiments, from being told to fix your appearance, to having your ‘attitude’ criticized in the workspace. This brings to light the reality of sexism in our society.

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) is part of the campaign to raise awareness for equality and women’s rights in Israel, Canada, and around the world. Through various programs, CHW is leading the way in ensuring that women are given the strength to follow their dreams, that girls are empowered, and women have a safe haven away from domestic violence.

The Unlimited Potential Program (UPP) encourages women to pursue a higher education through a vocational degree. These women are given the support through a program that teaches women practical skills for the workplace. This, in turn, assists them in finding a job, which allows them to achieve financial independence.

The Empowerment Program at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village gives at-risk teenage girls the tools and confidence to overcome their personal struggles.

The Women’s Shelters make sure that any woman, and her children, who are victims of domestic violence have a safe place to turn. It equips women with the tools to heal and overcome their tragic circumstances and return to society as capable, confident, and independent women.

These are examples of the ways in which CHW actively works to combat sexism, and empower both young girls and women.

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