The Jewish News: Woman Shares How WIZO Domestic Violence Shelter Saved Her Life


How a World WIZO Shelter for Battered Women changes women’s lives – one woman’s personal story.

*Miriam was a strong, independent, and educated woman. At the age of 38 she was single and ready to become a mother when she met Ron*. Things moved quickly and they decided to begin their family together. Ron began being verbally abusive and following the birth of their daughter, things escalated with threats of violence. Miriam began living in constant fear, Ron controlled every part of her life. Miriam became pregnant with their second child and she felt imprisoned.

One evening, the police were called to their home and the gravity of the situation was discovered. Social Services intervened and took Miriam, with her two children, to a World WIZO shelter. The family spent nearly one full year in rehabilitation in the shelter. When Miriam and her children left the shelter, she was once again a strong and confident woman.

Today, Miriam is 51 years-old. She has started her own business has allowed her to be financially independent and take care of her children. She is happy, no longer living in fear, and fulfilling her dreams.

This story came to light following a WIZO UK visit to the World WIZO shelter that was accompanied by Louise Scodie, a journalist from UK Jewish News.

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*Names changed for confidentially


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