Terry’s Cookbook


Terry’s Cookbook

Terry's Cookbook: Tastes and Tales of Terry Schwarzfeld

This book has been compiled by her “canoe / lickbowl” friends gleaned from a broad source of contributions from her dragon boat friends, her ski friends, her hiking friends, her CHW friends, her neighbourhood friends, her childhood friends, her colleagues, and most importantly, her family.

Terry Shwarzfeld was a wife, a mother, a grandmother. She was a longtime member of CHW in Ottawa, and eventually became National President. She was a hiker, dragon boat racer, cross-country skier, and so much more. She was also an amazing cook.

Terry became CHW National President in November 2008, and three months later, tragedy struck while she was vacationing in Barbados with her family. She died on March 18, 2009 at 60 years old.

This cookbook completes an unfinished goal of Terry’s, and in so doing celebrates the many aspects of her life and her love of sharing life’s bounties through food.

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