Record Breaking Love


It’s been a record-breaking year for births at Hadassah Hospital, with more than 14,000 babies born- including 263 pairs of twins and 7 sets of triplets!

Yet, this week, another record was broken when a mother gave birth to her 16th child.  (The previous highest number of births per person was 15.)

Women in Israel continue to lead the Western world in the highest number of births per person, with an average rate of three or more children. Israel also boasts one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, standing at approximately 3 out of 1,000 births.

Hadassah Hospital’s commitment to pre-natal and maternity care has played an important role in Israel’s dedication to maternal and infant health.

Shortly after giving birth, the proud mother shared a beautiful photo of her newborn daughter and this heartfelt message:

“I didn’t believe I would bring another sweet baby into the world, but when it happened, I was overwhelmed with joy! 

Our little daughter joins another 15 brothers and sisters! The oldest sibling is 26, the youngest is three and a half and in the middle we have a set of twins!  We have a huge and loving family, including grandchildren, that is already waiting for her at home.

The pregnancy was not easy which is why we chose to give birth at Hadassah. We knew we would have the most professional team care for us, which made me feel much more secure.

Sure enough, when the time came to give birth, we were surrounded by the most magical midwives, a very special doctor as well as nurses who worked together as an amazing team.

I will never forget this incredible experience and will always warmly recommend Hadassah to others. I hope every woman who comes to give birth will have a positive and empowering experience- just like mine!

Thank you to my new Hadassah family!”

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