Raising Kind Children


Many of us can recall scenes and lines from the film “Mean Girls.” Perhaps there were scenes that made us laugh, scenes that made us angry, and scenes that brought up familiar memories of life in high school.

However, if there is any message to take away from the film, it is that bullying hurts and it must be confronted.

As many of our children have returned to school, we do not always know what is happening during their eight hours while out of our sight. We may ask ourselves: are they happy? Who are they sitting with at recess and lunch? Were they picked in gym class?

Our jobs are to do our best to raise children who are kind, inclusive, and considerate. We have tasked ourselves with this mission to ensure that when we send our children into the world, whether it is to school, camp, the workforce, and so on, we know that our children will be respectful citizens.

At CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, CHW Nahalal Youth Village, and CHW Netanya Technological High School, the teachers, house parents, and counselors are charged with overseeing hundreds of children and ensuring that each child is being well looked after. In fact, throughout the year, these children participate in various workshops that teach the importance of being kind to your peers, not succumbing to peer pressure, and stepping in when you see a harmful situation.

Raising kind children is not a simple task; this we can all agree on.

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