Annual Campaign 2024


Annual Campaign 2024

7/10 was the most catastrophic day in Israeli history. Together we can rebuild and heal as ONE nation, ONE family, and ONE future. We can ensure the recovery of Israel’s citizens ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Our 2024 Annual Campaign proceeds will fund a large hydrotherapy pool at the new Gandel Rehabilitation Center at Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus in Jerusalem and groundbreaking PTSD treatment utilizing hyperbaric medicine at Shamir Medical Center located in Be’er Ya’akov, south of Tel Aviv.





Today, Israel is facing a situation that is unbeknown in its history: an entire population in deep trauma, and Israel will be dealing with the effects of this for years to come. Since October 7, thousands of civilians and soldiers required rehabilitation and trauma therapy. Roughly one-third of the thousands of wounded will require specialized rehabilitation and of those, 70% will require targeted neurological care for their injuries.

Trauma, if left unaddressed, can lead to severe and long-lasting psychological, emotional, and physical consequences. By addressing mental health and rehabilitation needs, we contribute to the overall stability and resilience of Israeli society and provide individuals with a chance for a healthier future.

Together, we can ensure the recovery of Israel’s citizens ONE DAY AT A TIME. The road to recovery will be long, but we will be there to help. Our campaign goal is to raise $3.5 million over three years*.

*If we exceed our goals for a project commitment, due to donor generosity, we reserve the right to reallocate the additional funds raised to other funding commitments in Israel or Canada.


To meet the growing demand for top quality rehabilitative services, Hadassah Hospital established the new state-of-the-art Gandel Rehabilitation Center at Mount Scopus. The Rehabilitation Center will care for 10,000 patients annually – a 250% increase for HMO – and will offer a host of special treatments along with physical and occupational therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and respiratory and orthopaedic rehabilitation.


The new hydrotherapy unit houses two heated hydrotherapy pools with modular floors that adapt to each patient’s needs. The unit serves as an aquatic gym to help a variety of patients through individual and group therapy sessions, treating 150 patients each day – triple the previous number of patients treated daily.

Hydrotherapy is an effective form of water-based physical therapy that eases pain and promotes strength and movement throughout the rehabilitation process. Water embraces and supports patients with a soothing, low-impact environment for exercise. Temperature-controlled treatment in hydrotherapy pools targets a variety of patients healing from traumatic injuries and suffering from chronic pains to help them improve their motor skills, strength, and agility.

Studies have found that hydrotherapy can be a good supplement to physical therapy in the recovery from an injury or surgery. It is also a medication-free and non-invasive option for alleviating symptoms such as muscle pain and joint stiffness.


Dr. Tamar Elram shares details about the opening of the new Gandel Rehabilitation Center, which is transforming care for hundreds of injured soldiers and civilians since 7/10 through the hydrotherapy rehabilitation program supported by CHW.

Shamir Medical Center, home to the largest and most sophisticated hyperbaric treatment center worldwide, is a global leader in the research and treatment of PTSD. Their groundbreaking method combines hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) with the expertise of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to treating severe PTSD. This innovative treatment protocol was developed for severe, treatment-resistant PTSD to significantly improve symptoms, enhance performance, and facilitate a swift return to normal life.


Due to the current crisis in Israel, there is an urgent need to leverage this clinical expertise and utilize the unique and effective tool for civilians contending with severe trauma. Supporting the expansion of the PTSD unit will enable Shamir to provide comprehensive, professional, ongoing treatment tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Supporting therapy will help heal individuals, children, and adults who have endured unimaginable pain. Your support can help them regain hope and rebuild their lives.


Purchase from Canada-Israel Securities, Limited a Shalom Savings Bond for CHW for this special campaign. Israel will receive the funds now to help strengthen its economy at this critical time. In one year, when the bond matures, CHW will receive the proceeds of the matured bond to support soldiers and civilians in their recovery and rehabilitation. THAT’S A DOUBLE MITZVAH!

Minimum gift of $500. For details contact: CHW CEO Lisa Colt-Kotler at [email protected]

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