‘Let’s Talk’ at Hadassah Hospital


After years of unsuccessful fertility treatment, Sarah’s* dream of becoming a mother finally seemed possible when she heard she was pregnant. Yet, as her pregnancy developed, so did her fears and anxieties. Just when she thought she might lose control, she joined the ‘Let’s Talk’ support program for expecting mothers at Hadassah Hospital.

 In Sarah’s words:

As the due date for my scheduled C-section was fast approaching, I felt like nobody understood me and nobody could relate to my fears and anxieties.  I felt like nobody really understood the emotional turmoil I was going through, the hesitations and panic I felt.

They also didn’t know how to answer the many questions that sprang through my head:  Who would be able to help me with my crippling fears?  My sleepless nights?  What would happen during the C-section? What were the risks? Who would be the first to care for our baby when she’s born? Who will ensure she’s fine?

During the most exciting time of our lives, I somehow turned into a very anxious and stressful person.  I didn’t know how to relax and I felt embarrassed to even speak about my condition.

This pregnancy was dear to our heart.  After years of fertility treatment with many disappointments along the way, I was finally close to full term. I’ll never forget the moment we heard we were having a baby girl!

Despite the incredible care and the many reassuring check-ups, I grew increasingly worried about the pregnancy.  I felt out of my comfort zone and out of control. Thankfully, that’s when I heard about ‘Let’s Talk’ – an innovative program at Hadassah that encourages expecting mothers to come and share the roller-coaster of feelings they’re experiencing just before they’re about to give birth. The initiative provides an outlet where you can talk, share your story and even calm down before the big day!

A few weeks before giving birth, I was lucky to meet with Noah Brurman, the Head Midwife at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem.  She walked me through every step of the way and told me about the surgery and the medical staff.  She provided answers to my many questions.  I slowly felt that my entire body- including my pregnancy belly- was finally able to relax.  My husband said he noticed I left the hospital happy and even smiling that day- something I hadn’t done in a long time!

When the big day finally arrived, I knew I was in good hands.  My surgeon was familiar with my background history and all my personal challenges.  He was so warm and friendly and smiled throughout the procedure.  It was truly an incredible and positive experience!

But my story doesn’t end here.  Noah Brurman, the Head Midwife, remembered the date of my scheduled C-Section.  She decided to stop by and surprised me.  She also stayed next to me throughout the entire surgery.  She told me it was important for her to be at my side.  I honestly had never come across and never imagined such dedication existed in one’s profession!

I feel so grateful and lucky.  Today I am hugging my beautiful daughter that has completed our family.  My birth experience at Hadassah was an empowering one, thanks to the incredible Let’s Talk program and the dedicated staff.

*Name changed for privacy

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