The Israeli Diet


Israelis have some of the healthiest diets in the world!

Ynet News recently published an article about Israel, health, and wellness. The article was influenced by the release of a research study done by The Lancet Global Health Journal. The research found Israel to have the healthiest diet in the West; ranking Israel ninth in the world in terms of nutrition.

The journal credited Israelis’ diet that is made up of fresh produce and grains, with very few processed foods.

At CHW’s daycares, we place a priority on ensuring a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, a special nutrition program runs at the Clara Balinksy Daycare, composed of three elements:

The Nutrition Program is especially useful, as many children come from lower-socio economic backgrounds, and both parents and children benefit from this program.

Anat* and Ben sent their son, Gil, to the Clara Balinsky Daycare are thrilled with the nutrition program. Anat explains that as a new and young mother, she was overwhelmed when it came to ensuring that her family was eating a healthy and balanced diet. Being a young family, Anat and Ben also struggled to afford expensive foods, something they believed was important. She shares, “I really did not know which ingredients were the right choices. Every book or website that I read would tell me something different. The daycare gave me so much support and information, they really helped me.” Aside from the daycare ensuring that Gil is eating healthy meals every day, they assist Anat when it comes to continuing healthy eating in the home.

*Names were changed at the request of the interviewees

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