Emergency Appeal: Israel Under Siege

Israel Needs Our Help.
100% of funds will go directly to our partners on the ground in Israel.



  2. Be an advocate for CHW on and offline. Talk to your personal contacts and forward them our weekly email updates and share CHW materials to your personal social media pages.
  3. Volunteer for one of our telethons. We will provide training, scripts, and contact lists. You can host in someone’s home, or in the CHW Office.
  4. Purchase an item for sale in the CHW Shop (candies, cookbooks, etc.) that supports the Emergency Appeal and share with your contacts.
  5. Host a fall fundraiser or team raiser. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Ierullo, Director, Donor Relations and Volunteer Engagement & Outreach at: [email protected]
  6. In lieu of exchanging Chanukah gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to the Emergency Appeal.


  1. Have an employee engagement day: Give staff a half-day off to join a telethon and help make canvasser phone calls to past CHW donors.
  2. Create an online donation page: We can create a special online donation page for businesses, so employees, customers, and clients can easily contribute to the Emergency Appeal, and you can keep track of how much you have raised. Click here to see an example of RSM Canada’s current fundraising page. You can also see that they chose to match the contributions donated, which is also an option that we recommend.
  3. Cause-related marketing: Consider allocating a portion of sales made on a specific day or during a set period of time to support our campaign. For example: a salon could donate $10 for every haircut on a Friday for the next month, or you could donate items to be sold in our online shop here, with a portion of proceeds going towards our Emergency Appeal.
  4. Make a corporate gift by contacting Alanna Elias, Senior Director, Development and Campaigns at: [email protected]

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