International Women’s Day


As people around the world mark International Women’s Day, CHW would like to share how we play an integral role in impacting women’s rights and advancing the status of women.

At the CHW Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre there are many programs that support women. For example, the Centre runs a Legal Aid Clinic. With professional volunteers, women in need receive guidance on labour laws, sexual harassment, issues of abuse either in work or at home, family law, and more. The Centre also offers a support group for single mothers to receive critical support from experts on how to maintain a job and become financially independent.

CHW proudly supports various programs that help to promote the number of women in positions of power. A key program CHW supports, together with World WIZO, is the Women’s Unlimited Potential Program (UPP). UPP educates and empowers women who are unemployed. UPP collaborates with the business and governmental sector via Microsoft and Employment Services to offer technological training to these women to promote new opportunities that will change their lives. These computer skills not only increase confidence, they opens doors for jobs that are needed in the workforce. Since 2006, over 8,000 women have been trained!  

Through CHW’s two youth villages, CHW Hadassim and CHW Nahalal, we are empowered young girls through an empowerment program designed for at-risk teenager girls. This program seeks to help young girls, many who are victims of abuse and emotional traumas. Through this program, these young women gain a sense of self-worth and value, increased confidence, and receive the necessary tools to become independent citizens. 

A critical area of support CHW offers with the support of World WIZO, are the two shelters for battered women in Israel. The two shelters that World WIZO operates help to protect women and their children. It provides them with a safe space to seek refuge and recover in order to reenter society as independent and confident women.

CHW is proud of the role that it has in helping to improve thousands of lives of young girls, women and their families. Check out a video below posted by World WIZO in honour of International Women’s Day.

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