International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


Yesterday marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. CHW, in collaboration with its affiliates, is dedicated to the prevention of violence and the advancement of women’s rights.

One way in which CHW seeks to make an impact is through its support of World WIZO’s shelters for battered women.

The women who enter the shelter are in need of support and protection. Yesterday, in recognition of this important day, one woman shared her personal story. She spoke about leaving her home, her friends, and her work in order to escape the daily abuse she suffered. She explained the fear she had for her two daughters who witnessed the abuse and was frightened that they may too become victims.

This survivor shared her journey of overcoming the emotional and psychological damage that comes with being a victim of abuse. She shared, that with the support of the shelter, she is finally re-gaining control of her life.

The stark and awful reality is this: 600,000 children in Israel have been exposed to domestic violence in their homes. The victims are becoming younger, with 8% of young adults (aged 14-18) reporting that they have experienced violence from their significant other.

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