Inauguration Ceremony


Assaf Harofeh Medical Center has opened a new School of Physiotherapy and a Hyperbaric Chamber Institute. To celebrate these wonderful new additions, the hospital held an inauguration ceremony with a special guest: our very own National President, Claudia Goldman.

Dr. Noga Gal, the head of the School of Physiotherapy, thanked both Claudia and CHW for their strong commitment to the hospital and school. Dr. Benny Davidson, the General Director of Assaf Harofeh, echoed Dr Gal’s sentiments. He then went on to speak about the incredible work being done at the new CHW Marla Dan Stroke and Invasive Neuroradiology Institute.

Claudia addressed the audience and shared her thoughts on the years of collaboration and devotion between our organization and the projects we support. CHW has an amazing history with Assaf Harofeh, with our affiliation dating back to 1953. Moreover, it was CHW that established the first School of Physiotherapy 67 years ago!

In fact, it was in the 1950s when Assaf Harofeh built a school dedicated to curing Polio, with the immense support of CHW. As Dr. Orna Tal, Deputy Director at Assaf Harofeh shared, “CHW was the foundation and momentum in making this a reality.”

The new School of Physiotherapy is comprised of two parts: offering direct patient care, and educating the next generation of physical therapists. Since Assaf Harofeh is associated with Tel Aviv University, it gives students the opportunity to learn practical skills both in and outside of the classroom.

It is incredible to see 70 years of medical innovation coming together!

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