“Iftar” Meal at Hadassah Academic College (HAC)


Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is proud to have a diverse population of staff and students that includes ultra-Orthodox students, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arab, Ethiopian Jews, and many new immigrants from around the world.

In light of Ramadan, the Arab-Muslim students from HAC’s Department of Communication Disorders hosted a traditional “Iftar-Ramadan” meal for Jewish students and lecturers to learn more about the holiday and its customs.

“Iftar” is the evening meal at which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

During the course of the evening, the Arab-Muslim students explained to the participating students the background and significance of the Ramadan holiday including its obligation to serve the less fortunate and its commitment to family.

The meal was held in the courtyard of the College’s campus and created a beautiful atmosphere of togetherness and unity – something that HAC prides itself on!

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