Hadassah Surgeons Saving Syrian Children


Pediatric surgeons from Hadassah Hospital have come together in a joint project with Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital in Tiberias (northern Israel) to help save Syrian children who are suffering from heart abnormalities that are life-threatening.

This project falls under the umbrella project that is run by the Israel Defense Forces, IDF, called the “Good Neighbor” which aims to build clinics in Syria, and treat sick children in Israel.

The Pediatric Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons have already seen over 30 Syrian children and adolescents who are suffering from these complex heart defects; and determined that most of the children they have examined will great benefit from undergoing heart surgery.

Dr. Julius Golander, Pediatric Cardiologist and Head of Hadassah Ein Kerem Surgical Evaluation is working closely with a team of physicians from Padeh Poriya Hospital and the IDF to properly examine the children and ensure to best treat them.

Dr. Golander shared, “We will make an initial diagnosis and build a treatment plan for anyone who needs cardiac intervention, whether catheterization or surgery at Hadassah Hospital. “The special cooperation between the Hadassah [Hospital] and Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital is important and will save the lives of these children. Hadassah will make use of our Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department and the indispensable Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for this special humanitarian project. The children, some of whom have never been properly treated or examined, will come to Jerusalem for the complex surgery and catheterizations at Hadassah [Hospital] and will continue for follow-up at Pedah Poriya Hospital.”

Many of these children are coming to Tiberias with their mothers in a desperate situation. The reality is that without proper medical intervention, the children’s chances of survival is limited.

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