Hadassah Saving Victims of Terror


It was only a few short days ago that a bomb went off on a bus in Jerusalem, sending 21 people to the hospital.

Of the 21 people injured in the attack, 8 were rushed to Hadassah Hospital, where they received the best medical care possible to save their lives.

Those brought to Hadassah included a young woman in her 20’s in serious condition, and a 25 year old man in moderate condition. Professor Avraham Rivkind, Head of the Shock Unit at Hadassah Hospital, was on the scene to use his extensive experience to save these people’s lives.

Rachel Dadon and her daughter were next to the bus when it exploded and as a result, were injured in the attacks. Rachel shares, “I looked for my daughter and found her all burned.” Rachel’s daughter Eden, who is only 15 years old, is now on a respirator and on the slow path to recovery.

Yesterday, as the victims were recovering, Yaakov Litzman, the Health Minister of Israel paid a special visit to the victims.

CHW is proud to support Hadassah Hospital and provide the needed care in order to help these innocent victims regain their health!

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