Hadassah Performs Rare Operation on Unborn Baby


Original article posted on hadassah.org.

A woman arrived to Hadassah Hospital in labour; however, the medical team quickly discovered that the baby had a congenital disorder known as Stickler Syndrome; a hereditary condition that can cause facial and eye abnormalities, hearing loss, and joint problems, and required immediate surgery prior to being born.

The team of doctors, including an obstetrician, otolaryngologists, neonatologists, pulmonologists, cardiologist, and anthropologist, worked together as they performed a tracheostomy to save the infant’s life.

During the unique procedure, the doctors pulled out on the baby’s head and shoulders to unblock his air passages. During this time, the infant remained attached to the placenta. Only after the procedure was successfully completed did the doctors deliver the baby via C-Section.

This rare operation saved the child’s life! Had it not been for the medical intervention the infant would not have been able to breathe on his own.

Today, only two weeks since the birth, the baby is doing well!

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