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*Names changed for confidentiality

Recently, two-year-old Omri, was playing at the park. He ran over to his mom, Netta, who was sitting on a bench watching him. As Omri ran towards her, a metal bar from a nearby building site fell and hit Omri, amputating his thumb.

Netta rushed over to her son, who was bleeding and crying. She immediately took him to Hadassah Hospital. Upon arrival, the medical team sprang into action.

Dr. Carole Pidhorz, Orthopedist and Head of the Center for Hand and Microvascular Surgery, worked together with Dr. Yonathan Wagmen, Surgeon, to help Omri. The physicians performed a microsurgery under a microscope. Through this approach, they were able to successfully reattach Omri’s thumb. The doctors shared that a thumb is a very difficult extremity to reattach; however, it is very important. Both were impressed with Netta’s quick thinking to ensure to find the thumb and bring it to the hospital with Omri.

L-R: Omri, Dr. Yonathan Wagmen, and Dr. Carole Pidhorz

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