Hadassah Hospital- Ayala’s Story


Seven month- old Ayala went to the synagogue with her family for the holidays, when tragedy struck. While Ayala’s mother, Chavi, was holding her, she managed to slip from her arms and hit her head.

The little girl began to convulse, and was suffering from intracranial bleeding. Ayala’s father, an ambulance driver and his friend who is a paramedic immediately rushed Ayala to Hadassah Hospital, while sedating and ventilating the infant.

Upon arrival to Hadassah Hospital, Ayala was taken into the neurosurgical ICU, where doctors immediately operated on the little girl, opening her skull and draining the blood.

Dr. Shweiki Moatasim, Pediatric Neurosurgeon shares, “There is no doubt that the first aid the child received, combined with anesthesia done while in the ambulance, reduced the damage significantly and greatly eased the word of the medical team.”

Ayala has since made a full recovery and has no neurological damage!

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