Giving Birth in The Labor and Delivery Department at The Rady Mother and Child Center at Hadassah Mount Scopus



Rivka gave birth to her fourth child at Hadassah Hospital. But this time was extra special.

“When your mom is the midwife, it’s no surprise that your baby feels so calm in her arms!”

The proud grandmother, Dina, is a veteran midwife. She has stood by and supported countless women through a positive and empowering birth experience.

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment has always been top priority. Thanks to the upgraded facilities at the new Labor and Delivery Department on Mount Scopus, Hadassah can provide the highest level of excellence in medical care.

Since opening the state-of-the-art department, the number of births have spiked by thirty percent! Over 5,700 newborns were welcomed into the world this past year, bringing new hope and new life. With enhanced COVID-19 protective measures, mothers and babies are in safe hands- even in the midst of a pandemic.

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