Fertility Unit


A Success Story from Hadassah Hospital’s CHW Fertility Unit CHW is a proud supporter of the Fertility Unit at Hadassah Hospital. Over the course of a year, the hospital sees thousands of patients for various medical procedures that assist them in becoming pregnant: fulfilling their dreams of having families. The incredible work being done in Israel and at CHW’s Fertility Unit has not gone unnoticed. In fact, The New York Times published an article highlighting Israel’s unique approach to in-vitro fertilization. Israel, unlike any other country in the world, provides free IVF procedures for women up until the age of 45. About 4% of Israeli children born today are the result of IVF, and Hadassah Hospital is leading the way! Nadine is one woman who turned to CHW’s Fertility Unit at Hadassah Hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. Prior to undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Nadine has Hadassah freeze her eggs in order to ensure that she could still conceive after her treatment. Thankfully, Nadine made a full recovery and six years after her treatment ended, Nadine returned to the Fertility Clinic where she became pregnant with her first child. Nadine’s story is a special one, and stories like hers are commonplace at Hadassah Hospital, thanks to CHW’s support.

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