Fashion Blooms


Fashion Blooms


Now in its third year, CHW is taking the annual Fashion Blooms event to a whole new level by introducing guests to the immersive world of FASHION. CHW has entered a new era, engaging the next generation of supporters proving that we ‘aren’t your Bubbie’s CHW.’ Join us for an evening of the latest trends in fashion, mingle with young professionals, walk the red carpet, and be surrounded by engaging visuals and entertainment. Cap the evening off as the room transforms into an after-party. 


FASHION BLOOMS proceeds will support CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design (NBA) in Haifa, Israel. Funds raised will benefit scholarships for at-risk students to provide advancements in education while also providing innovative equipment to enhance the future of the Israeli fashion industry. NBA awards academic degrees in a wide variety of creative fields, including graphic design, architecture, and fashion. This institution is building academic excellence and becoming a major influencer and innovator in the world of design. A highly respected institution of higher learning, the pluralistic student body includes Arab, Druze, Ethiopian, Jewish, and Christian students who learn together with peaceful coexistence.  

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