Designed for Success at CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design


Maya Ebrahem is a fourth year Fashion Design student at CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design, and is also a recipient of The Nathan and Lily Silver Scholarship.

Maya often felt isolated and alone growing up along the northern border of Israel. She loved to escape into the world of fashion, spending hours researching the latest brands.

Her grandmother taught her to sew and embroider using traditional Druze techniques, passed down from generation to generation. Despite having no formal training or access to art classes, Maya’s talent and drive earned her a spot at CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design.

“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a designer. The joint Fashion Design and Education Degree was the perfect fit for me. My goal is to design and teach art to children in the underserved area where I live. I want to make sure they’re not left behind- like I was.”

Known for its cutting-edge approach to preparing students for the future, the Academy quickly turned the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity. Through a hybrid of virtual and capsule classes, students from all disciplines learned to innovate at The Marilyn Libin and Jed Gaines Fab Lab.  Maya mastered the latest design software and experimented with the most advanced 3D printers and laser cutters, creating modern pieces that reflect the times.

Now in her final year, Maya is eager to apply her studies and launch her career.  Her valuable skills are in high demand, as the fashion industry rapidly moves towards digitization and new technologies.

“I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to experiment in this way.  My instructors taught me to embrace technology and expand creatively. I’ve developed a signature style inspired by my love of mixing tradition with technology. It’s the future of fashion- and I’m ready to lead the way!” 

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