Coping with COVID-19 by caring for horses at CHW Nahalal Children and Youth Village



Georgia is smiling – and for good reason. At the age of 12, she got a fresh start at CHW Nahalal Children and Youth Village. She feels supported after years of struggling at school. Thanks to a tailored program that targets at-risk children, Georgia is receiving the emotional and learning support she needs to thrive.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia found her happy place at the Therapeutic Riding Stable, where she enjoys one-on-one coaching and works alongside peers to care for horses.

“I started coming here during lockdown. At first, I was afraid of getting close to a horse, and now I’m riding on my own! I’m learning to take charge and believe in myself.”

Professional instructors help students set personal goals and overcome challenges through riding and caring for horses, which help to reinforce self-confidence, promote teamwork and enhance social and communication skills.

Rebekka Dullman Britain, Head of the program, reflects on the unprecedented period;

“The stable felt like the only island of sanity We stepped up our efforts to help students reduce the anxiety and stress brought on by the pandemic. Lockdown was an opportunity to also get them more involved and I could see how relived they were to be in a safe place. The daily routine and support we provided helped them cope better with the chaos and build resiliency.” 


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