CHW’s Stand-Out Girls


This week, we celebrate International Women’s Day! What better way to celebrate this day than to honor one of CHW’s inspirational women of the week, Darya Levitan.

Darya comes from Russia, is part of the Anieres Elite Academy Program at CHW Nahalal Youth Village, and is making major waves in the world of mathematics!

Darya came in third place at the Israel Mathematics Olympiad, second in the International Taharut Ha’Irim Mathematics Olympiad, and is now part of the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Joseph Gillis National Math Olympics!

The most recent competition that Darya participated in was the Joseph Gillis National Math Olympics, where 250 high school students competed. Including Darya, only 50 of the participants were girls.She was one of the only girls to place in the top 100!

Darya is on the path to success, recently completing the intense entrance examination to be part of the Technion-Nahalal Program at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Currently, she is taking undergraduate level courses in Exact Science and Technology to help prepare for the Engineering Degree that she will complete at the Technion.


Darya shares her feelings since her arrival at CHW Nahalal:


“I came from a little Russian town called Naberezhnye Chelny. I wasn’t given big perspectives there and wanted to find a new life in Israel. Over the three years I’ve been on the Anieres Program I’ve got smarter and grown up; it’s changed my life completely! Here I’ve received support from the school, from counselors, from Anieres and from the new friends I’ve made. And studying at the Technion is very interesting for someone like me who’s always looking from something new to learn. It’s given me a true sense of belonging to Israeli society.”

We love seeing Darya’s dreams become a reality, and CHW is excited to follow her inspirational journey!



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