Changing Lives in the DAN Department for Creative Human Design at Hadassah Academic College (HAC)


Olina is a third-year student in The DAN Department for Creative Human Design at Hadassah Academic College (HAC), where she is following her dream to find a career in a creative field. For students like Olina, trying to complete her post-secondary education during a pandemic, it can be difficult to remain optimistic and continue working hard. When COVID-19 first hit, Olina feared for her future, worried she would never reach her goals.

Olina’s worries were all alleviated when HAC launched emergency initiatives to assist students. HAC is providing full assistance to students, so they can access classes online, as well as receive emotional counselling and financial aid. Throughout the pandemic, HAC has continued to adapt to the changing realities to ensure students can advance their studies in a safe and supportive environment.

Now that restrictions have been eased, The DAN Department of Creative Human Design currently operates a hybrid mix of online and in-person classes, allowing students to take advantage of the cutting-edge facilities and advanced technologies on campus, including 3D printers and computer systems.

Olina, who also works in the computer lab to assist students, shared, “It’s been a very difficult year, but we’re all helping each other.  We’re studying in small capsules so we can take turns accessing the studios and equipment we rely on.  We also set up a service desk where students can send in their files and we then take turns printing the designs and delivering them to the front gate for pick-up.  Learning in such a supportive and creative environment has made all the difference.”

The ongoing support has also ensured that graduating students can successfully complete their final year without compromising the quality or design of their projects.  For the first time in the history of HAC, the year-end design exhibition was launched exclusively as a virtual, on-line exhibition.  Titled ‘Human First’ the exhibition highlighted innovative design solutions to address medical, neurological, and social challenges through a variety of applications, technologies, and wearable devices.

Whether empowering people with dementia and children with allergies or transforming urban spaces into safer and healthier environments, DAN Department students like Olina are on track to become the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs making the world a better place for all humankind.

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