Can’t Head to the Gym? 3D Print this Lockdown Sports Accessory!


As gyms remain closed during Israel’s third COVID-19 lockdown, Alon Razgour, Head of the Marilyn Libin and Jed Gaines Fab Lab at CHW Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design, designed the perfect solution for those who want to keep fit. Troubled by the disruption to his weekly training routine since the onset of the pandemic, Razgour, decided to embark on a new project that would offer the perfect solution for weight training at home.

Razgour shares;

“The project was born out of distress. Anyone who wanted to buy fitness equipment for their home discovered that there was a great shortage in stock and if the equipment was available, the prices were very high.”

Razgour, a well-established Industrial Designer, decided to innovate the perfect solution for home fitness training which could be easily printed on a home or commercial 3D printer. The concept was to create a simple sports accessory that could covert commonly found objects at home, such as 1.5-liter water bottles, into weights.

“Weights are important to maintain existing muscle mass and weight training can greatly improve one’s physical and mental health.”

The field of 3D printing has dramatically evolved in recent years and many designers are using them to invent solutions to life’s daily problems.  Razgour’s modular sports accessories which can connect between 2-6 bottles filled with water, or even sand, has been published in an open source format and is easily available online. The goal was to make the design accessible and encourage as many people as possible to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the pandemic- including students at the college. Opened this past year, the Marilyn Libin and Jed Gaines Fab Lab has provided students with new opportunities to innovate and hone design skills using the most advanced technologies- which include new 3D printers, laser cutters and scanners. Several students have already printed the sports accessory themselves and are enjoying the benefits!

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