Breathe Life Give Love


Breathe Life Give Love

Annual Campaign

In 2022, CHW collaborated with Tel Aviv urban artist Dede Bandaid to create the logo for this campaign. We hope that through this innovative artistic collaboration, CHW can raise much-needed funds and awareness by creating art to heal. Dede designed the unique logo featuring a heart and lungs, which are the central focus of the BREATHE LIFE GIVE LOVE annual campaign. Your support will benefit heart and lung health at Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit and Shamir Medical Center’s new Institute of Pulmonary Function and Diseases.

CHW‘s annual campaign will provide $3.2 million over the next five years in support of lifesaving medical care for children, women, and families.

AC 2023 Final Thermometer

This is an ongoing campaign, welcoming donations all year long. There is always time to help us make an impact.

If we exceed our goals for a project commitment, due to donor generosity, we reserve the right to reallocate the additional funds raised to other funding commitments in Israel or Canada.

This year, when you support heart and lung health through our annual campaign, you can share a message of love on our virtual GIVE LOVE collage board.

CHW empowers women and children by supporting education, healthcare,
and social services across Israel and Canada.

Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit (PCCCU)

Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem

The new, state-of-the-art PCCCU is the only one of its kind in Jerusalem. For these infants, precise diagnoses and immediate, advanced treatments are critical. Congenital heart defects comprise the most common type of birth defect. Currently, the global incidence of congenital heart disease at birth has been estimated at eight to 12 cases per 1,000 live births. This is significant because Jerusalem has the highest birth rate of all cities in the western world. This means the number of babies born in Israel with heart defects is overwhelming, so having a world-renowned PCCCU is critical to save lives.

Institute of Pulmonary Functions and Diseases

Shamir Medical Center

The Institute treats 4,600 respiratory and lung patients each year, providing counseling for the inpatient and surgical wards, and performing assessments of high-risk patients before surgery. The Institute conducts advanced research in lung physiology and sleep medicine, and clinical studies of pharmaceutical companies and non-invasive respiratory best practices among hospitalized patients. The updated Institute of Pulmonary Functions and Diseases will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained medical personnel to handle the significant increase in pulmonary disease patients visiting the hospital since the start of the pandemic. Donor support ensures all patients receive the best care when they need it most.

Your gift to CHW will help us save lives and provide hope for critically ill children and their families. When you make a generous gift to our BREATHE LIFE GIVE LOVE annual campaign, you support healing and help transform the lives of thousands of children, women, and families in Israel.

For more than 100 years, CHW has provided the best medicine for patients at CHW’s affiliate hospitals, the best education for our young people, and the best social service support empowering women to reach their full potential.


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