Behind the Scenes of Israel’s COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign


The media is full of praise for Israel’s ambitious COVID-19 vaccination rollout that has already reached more than 2 million people in just the first two weeks. And while the success of a campaign depends on countless professionals and dedicated frontline staff, Israelis were delighted to hear of one woman who played a pivotal role behind the scenes- Benita Elkon Baitner.  Ms. Elkon Bainter never made the front page or back pages of any newspaper or press coverage of the vaccination campaign.  But her husband’s Facebook post, first published back in November 2020, has once again gone viral this week- and for good reason.


Below is a translation from the original Hebrew post:

‘In Amit’s room.  On the second floor, in a small corner of our home in Kfar Oranim.

Negotiations were held over the last little while between Pfizer International and the State of Israel.

She achieved this incredible feat, modestly, with discretion, professionalism and such generosity as she connected, mediated and advanced both sides- Benita Elkon Baitner, (full disclosure, she’s my wife), Head of the Vaccine Unit at Pfizer International in Israel- doing so with dual loyalties. For on the one hand, Benita is a representative of Pfizer Israel, but on the other hand, she’s a citizen of Israel who wants the vaccine to get to here as quickly as possible.

She achieved all of this during lockdowns, two quarantines, and a daughter who tested positive for Coronavirus in the room next door!

So now that the agreement is signed and the vaccine is soon expected on its way, it’s important to state that not everything was done quickly over the last two days by this person or that one.  We should remember to share a little more about the history that has been made over the last while.  And, also share how proud I am of my wife, who I dearly love.

Let’s also not to forget, that as opposed to others, her work is not over, it has only just begun.

Yesher koach!’

(Source: Yaad Baitner)

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