A new emergency shelter for women and children has been opened in response to the increase in domestic abuse cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic


The writing was on the wall, in blood”

Ora Korazim, Chairperson of WIZO Israel, in a TV interview with Kan News

Home isolation aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus has triggered a dangerous wave of violence against women. Since the start of Israel’s lockdown, five women have been brutally murdered by their partners. Ora Korazim, Chairperson of WIZO Israel, reflects on the opening of Beit Heuss Emergency Shelter for Women and Children this past week:

I have been privileged to chair WIZO’s Israel Federation for almost a year now. But the last 2 months have been by far the most intense, emotional, challenging and proud months I have experienced in this organization.


Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our social efforts were targeted at women living in violence, single mothers, teenage girls and children at risk.


Since the Israeli government imposed a lockdown, 5 women were murdered!


The writing was on the wall, in blood.


We need to speak up and take action!


Hotlines and women’s shelters throughout Israel are reporting a spike in domestic abuse cases and finding it difficult to provide solutions for those women in need.

‘WIZO- doing what matters’ isn’t just a slogan. This is exactly what we do!  We are the first and only organization to open a new shelter in Israel in over 15 years.


We have been working 24/7 to urgently get all official approvals from the Ministry of Welfare. We recruited professional staff and luckily received huge support from our professional teams from Ashdod and Jerusalem shelters.


After only 5 days of operating, this life saving shelter is near capacity with 10 women and 19 children.


Upon arriving, one of the women who ran away from the hell of domestic abuse, shared:


“Just being in this beautiful place is a healing experience.”


We are literally saving lives and bringing smiles to children that only a week ago were experiencing the most horrific time of their lives. They are now playing, talking and walking without fear.


They are finally safe.

The Beit Heuss Emergency Shelter for Women and Children
Ora Korazim, Chairperson of WIZO Israel, wears a mask that reads: ‘Covered mouth, but won’t be silenced.’

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