A battle – won!


Hi, Brenda here.

I’m a mom of three small children, living in Modiin.

7 years ago, I received the surprise of my life – Breast Cancer.
As you can imagine, my life took an unexpected turn. Most of my time was spent in the Oncology Department and the M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Institute. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to the incredible treatment I received at the Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh), I was able to beat cancer!

Of course, I was consciously optimistic and I knew that life would never be the same, but still, I felt overjoyed and grateful every time I returned to the hospital for follow up check-ups and regular screenings.

Then, my worst nightmare came true. The cancer returned. I knew the odds were against me. I was honestly scared but with the support of the incredible medical team, I braved through another round of treatment. I also ended up in the Endocrinology Department because of an excess of calcium. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And so, a new story begins.

Despite my fears, I breathed a sigh of relief when I met Professor Haim Gabriel, Director of the ENT Department. In fact, everyone I met- from the nurses and administration to the doctors and anesthesiologists – helped to reassure and encourage me.

I’m actually writing this post with fresh wounds and intense pain from my recent surgery. It’s not easy, but I wanted to share my story and help others.

It is said that G-d sends angels to guard you. How true this is in my case! There are angels at Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh). I feel privileged to be treated by such an incredible medical team.

Thank you to everyone who accompanied and took care of me throughout the years.
I am living proof that miracles do happen!

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