Assaf Harofeh Saving Lives of Victims of Terror


Only days ago a terror attack took place in the city of Rishon LeZion, neighbor to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, and the victims were brought to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Seven victims were rushed to Assaf Harofeh: four who suffered from major panic attacks and psychological stress, three who suffered from stab wounds.

One of the victims is an 80 years old woman named Rachel Eisenkott. In an attempt to run away from her attacker, Rachel fell and broke her hip, in addition to suffering from a deep stab wound on her back. The medical team immediately operated on Rachel and she is now in the Intensive Care Unit.

Rachel is a mother of six daughters and seventeen grandchildren. Her family rushed to be by her side when they heard the devastating news. Sagit, one of Rachel’s granddaughters, shared, “Our grandmother is aware of what happened… she woke up this morning and remembered. We are a strong family and we will be all right. She will be afraid to leave her house, but even I worry.” One daughter shared, “I should have been there to protect my mother.”

Other victims included a 36 year old man who was stabbed in the chest multiple times and underwent emergency surgery. He is now recovering in the ICU. This man and his wife welcomed their first baby only a few days prior to the attack. A very brave twenty-six year old man is recovering at Assaf Harofeh from stab wounds endured during a successful attempt to stop the terrorist.

Assaf Harofeh was there for these victims to provide them with the emergency medical care that they critically needed. It is thanks to the medical team at Assaf Harofeh that these victims’ lives have been saved.

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